Do you miss the competitive certificate? Here is a convenient solution…

Each competitor must be considered suitable for the high cardio vascular activity by a sports doctor. In the registration form we ask for a certificate attesting to the suitability of a sports doctor for a high cardio vascular activity. Therefore the classic medical agonistic certificate for athletics is fine but the certificates for triathlon, swimming, competitive cycling, etc. are also valid.

If you do not have the certificate valid for September 21st, we offer you the possibility of making the visit or renewing it during the bib collection on September 20th from 4pm to 7pm (day before the race). No displacement and maximum comfort!

With the competitive certificate, FOREIGN athletes will also be provided with the required form for participation in the main Italian races (marathons and trail races) so that they can participate in other events within 12 months without further certification being required.

The service is offered by the Mastra Diagnostic Clinic, authorized to issue competitive medical sports certifications, which will be present on site. www.poliambulatoriomastra.it/

Athletes must have with them at the time of the visit:

ID card or passport required for visit Agonistic.

They must also bring: a sample of urine in a special container or keep them until the time of the visit

Rates reserved for athletes:

for competitive sports certification  (for foreigners) € 68.00

Payment method: cash invoice (no POS)

For any information or doubt write to: info@campodeifioritrail.it

Image author Keith Haring “running heart”