The registration for races are opened to “free” athletes that own a competitive sports medical certificate for endurance sports (ex: athletics, rowing, cycling, triathlon etc.) valid for the day of the competition.

Those people will be given a FREE inscription di CSAIn (italian association) valid for 12 month starting from the month of convalidation of the enrollment in the race.

The registration/sign up to the races can only happen on-line using the Wedosport service.

In year 2018 registration fees are very low with an early enrollment!

A consolidated event (4th edition), unique and inimitable for the reality of the Italy: ranks 4th among the best Italian trail races by the specialized “spirito trail” magazine (by readers’ opinion)

Campo dei Fiori Trail 2019 is also a qualifying race for the UTMB Ultra Trail Mont Blanc 2020.

Do you miss the competitive certificate? HERE is a convenient solution that allows you to get it the day before the race (20 September). The certificate will be valid for 12 months and can be used for other races in Italy.

Otherwise if you want to produce a certificate from your country you must complete the form recognized in Italy

Non-Italian athletes must fill in this certificate, have it signed and stamped by a doctor and upload during online registration. Failure to do will lead to the annulment of registration without reimbursement.



The registration will be confirmed just after the control of the registration on the Wedosport website (pay attention to fill all the gaps in):

  • Correct compilation of the registration online module.

  • Acceptation of the regulation.

  • Payment of the race fee (at the moment or within 7 days from the registration).

  • upload of the medical certificate valid for the day of the race.

  • Reception of the confirm email

“KRATOS 90K” (5P UTMB) fee:

  • €60 by the 31st of May

  • €80 by the 31st of July

  • €100 by the 17th of September.

“ELMEC 70K” (3P UTMB) fee:

  • €45 by the 31st of May

  • €60 by the 31st of July

  • €75 by the 17th of September.

“VIBRAM 45K” (2P UTMB) fee:

  • €30 by the 31st of May.

  • €45 by the 31st of July.

  • €50 by the 17th of September.

“GROUPAMA 25K” (1P UTMB) fee:

  • €25 by the 31st of May.

  • €30 by the 31st of July.

  • €35 by the 17th of September.

“MORSELLI 11K” fee:

  • €10 by the 31st of may.

  • €15 by the 31st of July.

  • €20 by the 17th of September.


CLOSING OF THE REGISTRATIONS is set for 12 pm of the 17th September or when the maximum number of athletes (1500) is reached.


If the medical certificate isn’t given, if the regulation isn’t accepted or if payment on the Wedosport website isn’t carried out your registration won’t be counted. Payment must be carried out along with the registration form with credit card or credit transfer within 7 days (IBAN will be indicated in the confirmation email), if not your registration will be automatically canceled.


Registrations for the Morselli walk and Mini Trail (not competitive) will take place on the day of the competition at the registration desks (opening hours are written on the programme). No cards or affiliations are required to take part in these activities.


A baby sitting service run by qualified personnel is available for those who need it.

The service will be active from 6am to 6pm on 21 September. the service can be booked upon registration (on the wedosport website). Are asked for € 10 for the whole day to cover partial costs (payment on the spot) and after booking the service they will be contacted to arrange presentation and return times at the facility and any individual needs.


Registration with cash payment and delivery of the medical certificate can be carried out at the BROGLIOLI SPORT stores in:

  • Verghera di Samarate (Via Monte Bianco, 122, phone 0331.220363)
  • Tradata ( Bernacchi, 82, phone 0331.842438)